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Cecilia Lam

I'm really blessed to have Zinnia as my MUA on my wedding day and also wedding cocktail party this month! I would give a 100-star rate to Zinnia and her team if possible but unfortunately, Facebook only allows 5 max .

Thanks to my dearest friend Debbie, I got to know Zinnia a couple of years ago when I was the bridesmaid of hers. I got really impressed by her professionalism, patience, passion, and caring personality. She always carries a smile on her face and this is exactly what a bride needs on her wedding day! Zinnia is always there to help and solve any issue comes up for the nervous bride, no matter it's on the big day or during the preparation, she always gives the most satisfying answer to comfort or helps out the bride so promptly despite her busy schedule.

To be very honest, I totally had 3 makeup trials including Zinnia for this big day of my life. I'm always very careful and of course, would like to try out more before I got to make the decision. We all know how important an MUA is on a big day! It is not only about the technique, but also about the attitude towards communication and requests. The last trial I arranged is Zinnia's as in my heart I know Zinnia is probably the best suit for me out of the three of them. After finishing the last trial with Zinnia, I can immediately feel the difference between the skills and service level provided by Zinnia and other MUAs that I have tried. Zinnia didn't let me down and I confirmed with her right away after the trial session.

So here's the difference:- Zinnia hand made hairpieces to choose, both Chinese and western styles (A LOT of choices or she would even handmade upon request when she has time)- Fresh flowers purchased for the big day to match with all the costumes- Assistant throughout the day (this is ultra important because the assistant would take some very professional making-of photos and also help out to shorten the time of costume changing) - Quality guaranteed bridesmaids and relatives makeups- Final meeting to choose hairpieces and confirm hairstyle around 1 week before big day- Free of charge bracelets and necklaces for bride/ relatives- Very useful advice from her experiences through texts on EVERYTHING about the wedding (most of the time replies promptly)And maybe more that I don't recall for now...

So finally Zinnia and her team helped me out with 8 bridesmaids, 4 relatives and 1 friend makeups/ hairstyling with the bridal makeup on my wedding day. And also my makeup on another separated cocktail event. I feel completely worry-free and everybody commented very positively on all the makeups and hair.

She's definitely the nicest with the highest skill level MUA that I have seen in my life!Thank you again, Zinnia and Jessie her sister being the assistant on my wedding day. I would highly recommend Zinnia makeup to all the friends I know and love.



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